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About Us

Vision It Pretty, LLC was established in 2009; our goal is to enhance the “pretty” in every client we work with, and making the look, our clients envision reality.


All the different people that make for a beautiful world inspire vision It Pretty, LLC. We believe that we are all born beautifully unique individual masterpieces. With our true beauty being inside out and outside in, flowing out through the self-expression we each we own. Flowing out through the freedom, we have to look good and feel good on your own terms, in our own skin.


Why not have a little fun at the same time?  


Vision It Pretty is all about you! The Vision is yours and Pretty is You. Make-up and Fashions with affordable tailor-made prices that will not hurt your pockets.


The foundation for our company is comprised of five things:

1.) Our love for individualism. Never be afraid to be who you are. Always hold your head up way high. Because you are proud to be you and because you do you the best.

2.) Our passion for fashion. Be it classy, sexy, sassy, professional, or simple. Be it something old, something new, or all of these thing all wrapped up in one. Be your own trendsetter, confident in your fashion swag and having fun at the same time.

3.) The art of makeup. Create the look you feel. It might be a dramatic eye with a bold red lip or maybe something dreamy that sparkles. It could be a romantic soft look with pink cheeks or something bright and crazy that makes a statement or do you vision something wild and dark. Hey, make-up does come off after all and there are 365 days in a year. Unleash the make-up artist in you shine. Just don’t forget to take a selfie after

4.) Enjoying life everyday and living life to its fullest. “Pretty as Pretty does”. All things are possible if we believe. Live beyond your potential, there is no such thing as limits. Always go after your dreams. Always reach beyond the stars to the heavens.

5.) Love yourself first, knowing you are all worthy of nothing less than the best. Embracing who you were created, the pretty you that you are simply and magnicently just being you.